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Our job is to protect our clients from unfair agreements and to help our clients profit from their intellectual property.

As former non-lawyers, we know that using the law to protect yourself can feel scary and intense. That's why we proudly serve the creatives and entrepreneurs by offering business formation services and intellectual property counsel to our innovative clients.

Our attorneys can apply years of experience in entertainment law, public policy, trademark law, copyright law, contract negotiation, and business formation to your project or business.

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Intellectual Property: Trademark and Copyright Support Services

A large portion of our primary practice involves the protection of intellectual property rights. We offer trademark and copyright prosecution, registration, maintenance, counseling, enforcement, litigation support, and licensing services to protect our clients interests both within the US and abroad.

In addition, we assist clients with resolving Right of Publicity matters, addressing domain name issues under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), and protecting intellectual property created through social media use.

We offer flat fee pricing on several aspects of trademark and copyright filings.

Business Formation and Contract Support:  Negotiation, Review, and Preparation Services

Our attorneys have extensive experience preparing the agreements and filing the documentation required to found, register, and maintain businesses of all scopes and sizes.

In addition, our attorneys are practiced in contract negotiation, preparation, drafting, execution, and review. We have experience across both the corporate and creative industries, from NDA development to corporate mergers and intellectual property licensing.

In order to protect our clients from unfair agreements and ensure their fair treatment, we offer contact preparation, negotiation, review, and execution services at a reasonable hourly rate and at various flat rates, depending upon the project. We also offer business formation, corporate formation, and registration services at a reasonable hourly rate an dat various flat rates, depending on the project.

Entertainment Law: General Consultation Services

We offer flat rate consulting fees for creatives in need of legal support. Our attorneys have experience supporting filmmakers, musicians, writers, graphic artists, visual artists, and inventors with their legal and business formation needs.

To support our clients' artistic work, we offer guidance on protecting your creations, provide copyright and trademark counsel to creatives, and make sure our clients' contracts are properly managed.


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